Acne positivity’ will make you love your spots.

“Start loving your skin”

Individuals who suffer from acne often feel ashamed of the breakouts, and compensate in various ways. They may hide themselves by refusing to go out with others. Others may grow their hair long or hang it over their face to hide the lesions. Young males who have acne over the shoulders, chest, or back, sometimes refuse to partake in sports like swimming because they have to change in public dressing rooms. Girls may opt for heavy makeup to hide current lesions or acne scars, without bothering about the possible flares the cosmetics might cause.

Acne often makes a person feel extremely unattractive, so that one may lack the self-confidence even to look others in the eye. Such individuals may feel too shy to make friends with the opposite sex. They may face mocking comments from their peers who lack the appreciation of character or the courtesy to behave respectfully to others.
Many acne patients report that they are acutely sensitive about how others perceive them in first meetings. Almost half of the patients in one study felt that others considered them to be dirty because of their acne. Such experiences may breed a vicious cycle of fear to face others. In the most extreme of such cases, the individual may develop a social phobia, and become house-bound.

Children with acne may not want to attend school during breakouts for fear of taunting or because of low self-confidence. Even adults with acne may refuse to attend work or maybe fearful of taking up certain jobs which demand a ‘perfect appearance’ in their eyes.

Job interviews appear to be more challenging for acne patients, both because they lack self-confidence, and because they are judged as less worthy by the interviewers on the basis of their appearance.

Unfortunately, many people who still have acne as working adults are the subject of well-meant criticism of their lifestyles and habits and may be forced to seek treatment for what would otherwise be perceived by them as a minor disorder.

In both young and adult acne patients, depression may set in. This should be recognized and treated appropriately, as medical treatment of breakouts, may take time to successfully get rid of the lesions and scars. The symptoms range from withdrawal or poor academic performance to various bodily aches and pains which have no identifiable physical cause, loss of appetite, loss of interest in activities once favored, sleep disturbances, and mood lowering.
   Now the question arises how to deal with it, people who cannot afford expensive laser treatment or medical treatment or acne medication, or expensive skincare products let them suffer and deal with the ugly mindset and prejudice of the people who they treat them as trash as like they have done something wrong and they give a lot of opinions and judgmental remarks like don’t you wash your face, change your pillowcase, you must consult a doctor, otherwise nobody will date you, you’ll not get a job, omg it’s ruining .sometimes I think what to do with these kinds of people who are not accepting others like as who they are as what emotional intelligence teaches us.
We should support people who are dealing with acne shame and accept as who they are.
This Instagram body positive movement has been going strong for several years now. It has helped people across the world embrace their body shapes, stretch marks, stomach rolls, thunder thighs, and acne.

But now, a growing number of people have decided to stop feeling embarrassed by the clusters of spots creeping up their faces and have started to own their acne instead. With the hashtags #acnelove, #acnepositivity, #acneisbeautiful, and, #acnedoesntmakeyouugly, they’re sharing unfiltered, unedited photos of their acne and they #justdontcare.

Kendall Jenner is leading the movement, after posing with her acne on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. “Never let that s*** stop you,” she wrote.

“Never let that s*** stop you,” she wrote.

She’s not the only one celebrating her spots on social media. But many are.
“You should never be ashamed or insecure about your acne because it’s completely natural and you’re stunning with and without it,”
Yet after seeing women embracing their spots on social media, I’ve realized that while one might not be able to change their skin, but one can change their mindset.

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